Capital of Taste

Cezzar Steakhouse, which has set out with its experience and experienced staff in agriculture and animal husbandry in our country for a long time, has adopted the principle of offering a warm family atmosphere to its guests with its impressive decor, menu and staff in Balgat and Yıldız districts of Ankara. Keeping the satisfaction of its guests at a high level, Cezzar acts with awareness of its sensitivity to human health and its responsibility towards nature. It does not compromise on hygiene while presenting the agricultural products it produces and the highest quality food materials to its guests. It follows all developments in the field of food safety.

The meaning of the word Cezzar is "the first Ottoman butcher". We, as Cezzar Steakhouse Balgat and Cezzar Steakhouse Yıldız, are ready in the Capital of Taste and Meat to always offer our valued guests the right service and our quality menu.